Animalia <br>Gouache illustration for exhibition<br>2019

Mecca Cosmetica <br>Illustration for Earthly Pleasures Campaign<br>2015

Yes Buddy x Togetherness <br>Textile Design<br>2020

AHD Cards <br>Illustration<br>2020

Emily Ziz<br>Australian Bushdance collection<br>2020

Togetherness: Forage collection<br>Fashion & Textile design<br>2020

Toyota Oekaki <br>Embroidery commission<br>2016

Wallflower <br>Solo Exhibition<br>2020

Wowee!<br>Podcast co-host<br>2017 - 2019

Frankie Magazine<br> The Sock Project<br>2016

The Big Design Market<br>Campaign artwork<br>2020

Swisse<br>Illustration commission<br>2016

Collage Kit Magazine<br>Illustration<br>2020

F*EMS Zine & Exhibition<br>Gouache illustrations<br>2019

Bloomin' Beauty<br>Embellished sweatshirt and prints for exhibition<br>2017

Finders Keepers <br>Campaign artwork<br>2017

Lucy & Simon's Wedding<br>Illustration and design for wedding invites<br>2015

The Big Design Market:<br>Collaborative illustration and design for kid's activities <br>2017

Togetherness: Land's Edge collection<br>Fashion & Textile design<br>2019

Djeco: DIY Pretty Flowers Mirror Kit<br>Illustration<br>2019

FEAT Sock Co x Togetherness <br>Sock collaboration<br>2019

Togetherness: Keepsake collection<br>Fashion & Textile design<br>2017

Garden Party <br>Textile wallhanging and illustrations for exhibition<br> 2019

Dead Format II <br>Riso printed illustration for exhibition<br>2018

Frankie Magazine<br> A Little Bit Crafty<br>2014

Togetherness: Fiore collection<br>Fashion & Textile design<br>2018

Etsy x Melbourne Museum <br>Campaign artwork and exclusive product range<br>2016

Swim Team - Home Time <br>Illustration and graphic design<br>2019


PALS Pop Up Shop <br>Branding and marketing<br>2019

Djeco: Nova Bracelet <br>Product design<br>2018

Sensitive Sweethearts<br>Illustration<br>2020

Club of Odd Volumes <br>Textile design<br>2016

Frankie Magazine: Calendar<br>Illustration<br>2017

Band Posters <br>Illustration<br>2016 - 2018

Downstream<br>Textile design<br>2017

Baby Blanket <br>Textile design<br>2017

Industria X Stools<br>Collaboration<br>2016

Togetherness: Botanica collection<br>Fashion & Textile design<br>2017

Laura & Glenn's Wedding<br>Illustration and wedding invite design<br>2016

Sans Souci<br>Ceramics for exhibition<br>2016

Esther Sandler is a freelance textile designer, craft artist and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. Esther respectfully acknowledges the Wurundjeri people who are the Traditional Owners and custodians of the land where she creates her work, and pays respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

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