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Adairs x Togetherness <br>Collaboration<br>2021

Mecca Cosmetica <br>Illustration for Earthly Pleasures Campaign<br>2015

Emily Ziz<br>Australian Bushdance collection<br>2020

City of Darebin <br>Mural<br>2021

Wallflower <br>Solo Exhibition<br>2020

AHD Cards <br>Illustration<br>2020

National Gallery of Australia x Togetherness<br>Commission<br>2022

Animalia <br>Gouache illustration for exhibition<br>2019

Togetherness: Forage collection<br>Fashion & Textile design<br>2020

Togetherness: Gardener collection<br>Fashion & Textile design<br>2021

Yes Buddy x Togetherness <br>Textile Design<br>2020

The Big Design Market<br>Campaign artwork<br>2020

I AM x Togetherness <br>Collaboration<br>2021

Frankie Magazine<br> The Sock Project<br>2016

Wowee!<br>Podcast co-host<br>2017 - 2019

Toyota Oekaki <br>Embroidery commission<br>2016

Another Day Rises Exhibition<br>Gouache illustrations<br>2021

Gems: So Far Exhibition<br>Ceramics<br>2023

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival<br>Illustrations<br>2021

Swisse<br>Illustration commission<br>2016

F*EMS Zine & Exhibition<br>Gouache illustrations<br>2019

Collage Kit Magazine<br>Illustration<br>2020

Bloomin' Beauty<br>Embellished sweatshirt and prints for exhibition<br>2017

Togetherness: Land's Edge collection<br>Fashion & Textile design<br>2019

Finders Keepers <br>Campaign artwork<br>2017

Etsy x Melbourne Museum <br>Campaign artwork and exclusive product range<br>2016

Togetherness: Sleep collection<br>Fashion & Textile design<br>2021 & 2022

Togetherness: Hand In Hand collection<br>Fashion & Textile design<br>2023

Lucy & Simon's Wedding<br>Illustration and design for wedding invites<br>2015

The Big Design Market:<br>Collaborative illustration and design for kid's activities <br>2017

Nice Mug Exhibition<br>Ceramics<br>2022

Djeco: DIY Pretty Flowers Mirror Kit<br>Illustration<br>2019

FEAT Sock Co x Togetherness <br>Sock collaboration<br>2019

Frankie Magazine: Calendar<br>Illustration<br>2017

Garden Party <br>Textile wallhanging and illustrations for exhibition<br> 2019

Dead Format II <br>Riso printed illustration for exhibition<br>2018

Frankie Magazine<br> A Little Bit Crafty<br>2014

PALS Pop Up Shop <br>Branding and marketing<br>2019

Togetherness: Keepsake collection<br>Fashion & Textile design<br>2017

Djeco: Nova Bracelet <br>Product design<br>2018

Club of Odd Volumes <br>Textile design<br>2016

Band Posters <br>Illustration<br>2016 - 2018

Downstream<br>Textile design<br>2017

Togetherness: Fiore collection<br>Fashion & Textile design<br>2018

Baby Blanket <br>Textile design<br>2017

Sensitive Sweethearts<br>Illustration<br>2020

Togetherness: Botanica collection<br>Fashion & Textile design<br>2017

Laura & Glenn's Wedding<br>Illustration and wedding invite design<br>2016

Swim Team - Home Time <br>Illustration and graphic design<br>2019


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